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5 Ways To Market Your Closet Sales

At some point in your Poshmark resale career, you'll probably want clear out some inventory. That means it's time for a closet sale! We've discussed selling tactics before. Most importantly, we discussed the Poshmark algorithm and why it's critical that you're sharing your own items. Check out my post, The Mythical Mystical Poshmark Algorithm,if you haven't read up on this yet.

Having closet sales are a different animal. In this case, your goal is to drive traffic to your closet and let shoppers know you're having a sale once they're there. Here are some ways you can do exactly that.

Advertise Your Sale

You've probably seen the fancy signs some Poshers have in their closet to let others know they are having a closet sale. I HIGHLY recommend you make one (or a few) of these signs, or borrow someone else's. By having one of these signs and putting it at the top of your closet, you're able to let others know you're having a sale when they visit.

Drive Traffic to Your Poshmark Closet

If you want buyers to see your closet signs, you have to get them to visit your closet. When you share your own items, you're putting them at the top of the search results. This helps when a buyer is searching for something specific, but it doesn't necessarily drive traffic to your closet. However, following and especially sharing others' listings will encourage people to visit your closet to return the shares and follows. If you have your sale sign at the top of your closet, anyone and everyone that visits will see your sign!

Make It Easy For Poshers To Find Your Sale Items

Want to make it easy for shoppers to find your sale items once they've visited your closet? Use coupon codes!!! If you haven't read up on this approach yet, check out my post on Selling More With Coupon Codes. When you insert a coupon code into the description of your sale items and suggest shoppers search your code, they can see everything included in your sale versus having to scroll through your entire closet.

Let's walk through an example. Let's say you want to hold a 5 for $25 sale and you're including 25% of your closet in this sale. The typical way of doing this is by marking each and every included sale item with an emoji or verbiage to indicate it is included in your sale forcing shoppers to scroll through 100% of your closet to find 25% of your sale items. When you come across a closet that has hundreds of listings, this can become tedious and overwhelming REALLY quickly. An alternative approach is creating coupon codes which will filter out the 25% items included in your sale instead of making shoppers scroll through your entire closet. This makes it much easier to find what they're looking for. Make it easy for Poshers to shop your sale! Make sure you check out my post on creating coupon codes (referenced above) to learn how to put this approach into action!

Reach Out!

Driving traffic to your closet by sharing and following others' closets is a sure fire way to drive traffic, but it's not the only way. If you've been selling for a while, you have a gold mine of Poshers that have had positive experiences with you (hopefully) and are much more likely to consider buying from you again. Can you guess who they are? Previous buyers! Poshers that have purchased from you before are a great resource! You can still contact Poshers who have previously purchased from you by going to your sold items, accessing the sold listing, and adding a comment to the sold listing. Just make sure you tag the Posher that bought from you. I like to leave a comment along the lines of "Thank you again for your previous purchase! I'm reaching out to my customers to give them an exclusive heads up that I'm running a BOGO 50% sale on my entire closet. I hope you'll take a look!". Refer to the tutorial referenced below for more information on how to send private messages.

Another VERY effective way of letting shoppers know you're holding a closet sale is by sending them a private message once they've shown interest in one of your liked items. See my blog on "How To Communicate With Poshers Privately" for a tutorial on this tactic.

Use Social Media To Market Your Sale

Leverage the social media outlets that Poshmark already has integrated with the platform. Share your sales signs on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Don't over do it, but do what you can to get the word out. Make sure you include the link to your closet!

Follow these tips and you are guaranteed to get more people aware of your closet sales. Sell more, clear that closet out, and rake in the cash!

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Happy Poshing!



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