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What Sells The Best On Poshmark?

If you want to be a successful seller on Poshmark you have to know how to source and what to sell. Fashion trends will come and go, and some people will jump on board while others won't. Knowing what's selling right now is critical if you want to be successful on Poshmark. But how do we do that? Many people don't know that Poshmark already gives us the tools to answer this question. We've discussed ways to follow fashion trends before (check out "How To Follow Fashion Trends" if you haven't already), but fashion trends and what's selling can be two different things. So, how do we figure out what's selling on Poshmark RIGHT NOW? I use this little trick pretty regularly to make sure my sourcing is on target.

Since we are trying find out what's selling on Poshmark, it only makes sense that we do some digging around in Poshmark's sold listings.

Let's jump right in and do some research on what's selling now in women's jeans.

You'll want to start on the Poshmark home page. Towards the top of the page, below the search bar, there are headers for the various Poshmark Markets (i.e. women, men, kids, etc.). Hover over "Women" and select the link for jeans.



You are now looking at all of the jeans listed in the women's market - all brands, sizes, prices, etc. But, we want to know what's selling right now in women's jeans, so we need to see the sold listings.

Scroll down until you see the 'Availability' filters on the left and select 'Sold Items', then filter by "Just In"

Now you're seeing which items in the jeans category are selling the quickest. Scroll through the results. What do you notice? Any particular style? Wash? Brand? Size? When I do this exercise, I see a trend in dark wash distressed skinny, bootcut, and flare jeans with the occasional pair of high waisted mom jeans and cropped length jeans. I see trending brands like American Eagle and Levis.

Let's take it a step further. Let's say you want to start sourcing jeans that are at a greater price point. What styles and brands should you be looking for? Return to the filters on the left side of your screen and select the "$100 - $250" price range. What do you notice now? I still see a lot of the distressed skinny jeans. I also notice wide and flare cuts, patchwork, and embroidery are selling. Trending brands I'm seeing are Agolde and Rag & Bone. Do you see the same thing?

Want to keep going? We can!! Are you curious what size Vigoss jeans sell the fastest? Clear your price range filters and select Vigoss in the 'Brand' filter and take a look at the results. You'll probably notice that plus size Vigoss jeans are selling the fastest and at higher price points than the smaller size Vigoss jeans.

There is SOOOO much data you can extract using this method. The possibilities are endless!

What style of American Eagle jeans sell for a higher price point? What brands are trending for plus size women? For petites? What are key trending words for Levi's that are selling for over $50? The list goes on and on!!

Now you can cut the sourcing learning curve short and Poshmark gives you the tools to do it! Cool, huh?

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Happy Poshing!



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