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Sell More on Poshmark Using Coupon Codes

If you've done any of your own shopping on Poshmark, chances are you've run into sellers promoting sales such as 5/$25 closet clear outs. Typically sellers will identify the sale item by using an emoji of sorts. The emoji is nice because it stands out when you're scrolling through someone's closet, but, still, you have to scroll through everything in their closet to find the deals. For those closets with thousands of items, this can become tedious, and you want to make the shopper experience simple as possible when they visit your closet.

So, what if you could filter out the sale items? Poshmark doesn't provide this as a feature, but you can do on your own using coupon codes to do it yourself! Just keep reading!

How To Create Your Own Sale Filters

I like to offer free add-on items to buyers with the purchase of any other item in my closet. These are typically items I've picked up at the Goodwill Outlet for close to nothing or a jewelry item I bought wholesale. It's important to note that these items are of the same quality of any other in my closet. NEVER send a below standard item to a customer, even if it's free.

I like to keep at least 50 free items in my closet at any given time to give my shoppers options. But, how do I make it easy for them to find them? By using coupon codes of course!

Make Your Own Coupon Codes

Just like you would use the Poshmark search bar to find a specific garment you're looking for, shoppers can use the search bar to find your sale items. All you need is a coupon code that is inserted into the description of each sale item and a way to market that coupon code.

How about an example? I have an Ann Taylor LOFT t-shirt that I picked up at the Goodwill Outlet for pennies. It's a popular bread and butter brand and in new condition, so it's a perfect add-on item. I list the top as usual, researching comps and setting a reasonable price. Then, inside the listing, after the description, I let the shopper know that this is one of my add-on items meaning they can receive it FREE with the purchase of any other item from my closet. Then, and this is the important part, I suggest that they search the "coupon code" you create - I selected (chicbynature_addon) - to find my other free add-on items. As long as the coupon code is in the description, it's searchable! Every item you have add the coupon code to will come up in the search results. When you do this with all of the items you want to include in the sale, shoppers can filter just those items out when they use the coupon code!

Want to see it in action? Just search "chicbynature_addon" in Poshmark and see what comes up!

Cool, huh?

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Happy Poshing!



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