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5 Steps to Create A Winning Poshmark Listing

Want to sell more on Poshmark? Creating a listing that is powerful and discoverable is a must! Make sure you're following these tips! They will make you or break you.

Write A Catchy Title

This is a biggie. The most common error among Poshmark newbies is not having a descriptive title. The title of your item is what makes it discoverable. Meaning, when someone searches for something, the information from your title is used to match the search criteria. Titles should always, always, always contain the brand, type of garment, and size, at the very least. Want to see just how much the title affects your discoverability? Walk through the exercise on my post about the Poshmark algorithm.


Try putting yourself in the buyer's shoes. First, make sure what you're selling is visible. Poor lighting is a major no-no. If you can't make out what the item is, nobody else is going to be able to. Also, part of making your item visible is having a background that will help your item stand out. Try to find a background that doesn't have a lot of distractions. I take all of my photos against a white door. Second, be thorough. Take photos of the front, back, brand/size tag, material/washing instruction tag, and anything that makes the piece special - ruffles, distressed hems, contrast threading, etc. I also like to take at least one close-up to show the pattern and texture. Be sure to mention all of these features in your description too. Third, flaws. Make sure you inspect your item thoroughly and take pictures of any flaws. These should also be mentioned in the description. Make sure to put effort into looking for pilling, holes, or stains. Any of these three are grounds for the buyer to return their item to you. Mentioning any and all flaws will go a long way in keeping your customers happy and your reputation in tact. On the flip side, mentioning there are none gives the buyer more confidence that what you're selling is of good quality.

How To Write The Description

Use keywords and maximize SEO to make your listing more discoverable. Keywords are the words shoppers are using in the search bar to find what they are looking for. In other words, what is it? Use all the words you can think of to describe what your selling. If you're selling a black and white short sleeve polka dot collared button down blouse, say it! Someone searching for exactly that isn't going to find your listing if the key words aren't there. Is your garment of a certain style? Name it. Bohemian style is very popular right now. Having the word "bohemian" in your description will increase the chances that someone searching for 'bohemian clothing' will find your piece. Think of and include as many key words as you can in the description. Your items aren't going to sell if shoppers can't find them!

Include Measurements

This one isn't a must, but is highly recommended, especially if you plan on having a lot of listings. Every time I've left measurements out, I've had someone request them. It's much easier to include them on the front end instead of having to dig out the item to take the measurements on the back end. Also, you want the buyer to have all of the information at their fingertips so they can make the buying decision right then and there. The likelihood that a buyer will purchase from you decreases drastically after they are no longer looking at the listing. Go ahead and give them all the information they need and save yourself the headache while you're at it.

Include The Finer Details

A couple questions I received often when I was first getting started were "How does the item feel?" and "Is the item stretchy?". For this reason, I started including a section where I try to appeal to the senses. I like to describe the weight and texture of the clothing item in addition to the amount of stretch. For example, if I have a lightweight t-shirt that has a lot of stretch, I'll say "material is a lightweight knit with plenty of stretch". If it's silky, say that. If it has limited stretch, say that. If it has a flowy or oversized fit, say that. You can never give too much information. Again, anything you can do to give the buyer a better idea of what the item will look and feel like increases the likelihood they will buy from you instead of someone else.

It seems like a lot of information to cram in there, but you don't have to write a book! Check out an example of one of my listings below.


Title: Christina Leopard High Low Sweater Tunic Medium


Long sleeve leopard/animal print high-low lightweight sweater tunic with metallic thread woven in, by Christina, size medium.

Condition: excellent! no flaws to note

Material: lightweight knit with plenty of stretch

Approximate flat lay, unstretched measurements:

Chest: 18.5"

Length (front): 27"

Length (back): 31"


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Happy Poshing!



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