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What Is SEO And Why Does It Matter?

Any seasoned seller knows that using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keywords in your Poshmark listings is one of the top ways to ensure your listings are discoverable. And more views means more sales!

First, I’m going to start out by saying you don’t really need to read all the websites and watch YouTube videos that tell you how to optimize your webpages (eBay, retail pages, ecommerce, etc.). Poshmark does not fall in that arena. Without going into too much detail, all you need to know is that in order for people to find your listings, you have to have the words (also known as keywords) they are searching for somewhere in the listings. If you take one thing away from this post, make it this: KEYWORDS ARE KEY!

So, how do I get my listing to show up in search engines and on social media outlets (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.)? KEYWORDS ARE KEY! You want to start by thinking like the shopper. What would a buyer type in the search bar if they were looking for the EXACT piece you are creating the listing for? When I say exact, I'm talking about the exact brand, pattern, fabric type, fabric weight, color, item type (i.e. sweater, jeans, dress), specific features (ruffles, closure type, etc.), etc. of the piece you are listing. These attributes are your key words. A good method for coming up with those keywords is to simply ask yourself, "What is it?" and ask yourself the same question over and over again until you can't come up with any other descriptors. Let's walk through a couple of my listings as examples:

Okay, so what is it? It's a dress, right? That's obvious to you, BUT if you don't put that in your title or description, someone searching for this exact dress will struggle to find it.

Okay, so what else is it? What brand is it? What size is it? What colors do you see? How long are the sleeves? What kind of neckline is there? What is the material like? What unique features does the dress have that will set it apart from other dresses? These are all things someone would put in the search bar if they were looking for this EXACT dress.

Here's the description I came up with: "Navy/dark blue and pink collared v neck short a line floral velvet dress with long sleeves, elastic stretch waistline, and mesh chest and upper back panels; fully lined, by Mood River, size small".

Do you see all of the descriptive words?

Here are a couple more examples:

My Title: Black and White Floral Striped Tank Top Small

My Description: Sheer black and white striped floral sleeveless tank top by Almost Famous, size small. Lightweight and stretchy.

For this example, take note that I put a lot of the descriptor words in the title as well. Doing this will not only make your listing more discoverable on Poshmark, but also on Google!

My Title: FILA Capri Tank Top And Capri Pants Set Small

My Description: Fila Sport Live in Motion size small (both pieces) capri leggings pants and athletic tank top outfit. Both are solid black with rainbow trim. Bottoms have lace up detail.

Notice here that I used both 'outfit' and 'set'. Someone searching for this exact item may use either of those terms, so I included both. Same thing for 'leggings' and 'pants'. A shopper may use either term, so I included both. 'Rainbow' is also a potential keyword someone might search, and I included that as well.

Are you getting the hang of it? Just remember to think like the shopper (and hopefully soon to be buyer) who is looking for your EXACT item and KEYWORDS ARE KEY!

If you utilize keywords this way, you will be on your way to boosting your SEO and selling more! I must also note, however, that creating the perfect Poshmark listing requires more information than what I provided in the examples above. Read my post 5 Steps To Create A Winning Poshmark Listing for more tips.

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Happy Poshing!



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