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How To Follow Fashion Trends

Staying on top of fashion trends is a must for a successful fashion business and there are countless ways you can get the latest scoop on fashion trends. If you search Google for 'fashion trends', you'll end up with around 416 million hits. That's a lot of information to sift through. Looking for a more short and sweet approach? Here are my two favorite ways to keep up with fashion trends:

1) Study the Fashion Week looks. Fashion Week is one week, where fashion designers, brands or "houses" display their latest collections in runway fashion shows to buyers and the media. Think of it as a next season fashion trend prediction.

2) You've studied the fashion trend predictions, now let's see which of those trends the stores are picking up. This one is my favorite. Go to the mall! Take a walk around the mall and take note of what stores are stocking their shelves with. See any trends? Have you noticed all of the plaid and animal print this year? How about all of the destroyed/distressed jeans? Boho life, anybody?

When you're researching trends, you'll want to keep your audience in mind. Are you primarily selling fashion to women or men? In what price range are you selling? Are you selling department store brands or mall store brands? You'll want to take as much of this in consideration as you can. Think like your shoppers! You'll be glad you did when your merchandise is flying out the door!

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