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Creating Bundles for Poshmark Shoppers

I get a lot of questions around styling and, more specifically, how to create a bundle for someone else. Yes, it's the same thing. When you create a bundle for someone, you are styling them. There are several steps to the process and I'm going to walk you through them all!

What is Styling?

When you style someone, you are sharing items from your closet to a bundle for them. This is most helpful when you have someone like multiple of your items and you want to make an offer on them all as a bundle. It's also useful as a marketing tool for your coupon codes or any sales you may be running. Don't use coupon codes yet? Check out my post "Selling More With Coupon Codes".

When to Style Someone

There are three situations where it's makes sense to style someone: (1) when someone has liked an item or multiple items in your closet, (2) when you doing active marketing to get the attention of fellow Poshers, and (3) when you receive a style request.

Styling Someone Who Has Liked An Item(s) In Your Closet

This little trick has landed me a sale on multiple occasions. Essentially, you are creating a bundle based on the items that someone has already liked in your closet. Here are the steps I have found to be the fastest and easiest for me:

1. Go to your "News" page and filter out the likes. Open the closet of someone who has like one of your items.

2. Click on the bundle icon (it looks like a shopping bag).

3. In the upper right-hand corner, click the drop down menu icon and select "Switch to Sell View".

4. Select "Switch to Seller View"

5. On the bottom right, you'll see the items from your closet the person "liked". Click the shopping bag for each item pictured here. This will start the styling process and will add the item to their bundle on the left.

6. You've officially styled someone. By this time, the buyer will have received a notification letting them know you are styling them and will also be notified that you've added an item to their bundle. From this screen, you can also send a private message and a private offer.


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Happy Poshing!


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If someone has liked an item and added that single item to a bundle, how can I add other similar items to it?

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